Welcome to Kraft Sportssenter

The most versatile place to train in Tromsø!

Kraft is already the most versatile place to train in Tromsø, and with new a facility, they will be able to offer even more! Kraft Sportscenter has a central location on Campus Tromsø, in addition to Elverhøy student training center. We offer membership at student friendly prices, training and activity for everyone.

We can offer:

  • Training center for strength and cardio.
  • Group training
  • PT and training guidance.
  • Climbing
  • Team sports collaborated with the TSI (Tromsø student sports association).
  • Guest training at other student sports centers in Norway

 Collaboration with the TSI (Tromsø student sports association).

TSI – Tromsø student sports association are cooperating closely with Kraft and have been involved in the planning of the new Kraft Sportscenter facility. TSI will at last be able to gather all their indoor activities under one roof, and will have a centralized office in the facility so they are easily available for all students. See all activities of the TSI here.

  What is going on at Kraft Sportscenter? We are expanding our facility! When our new building is ready during the course of October 2017, it will include a new indoor sports hall with hard flooring, several specialized halls for yoga and dancing, martial arts, group training and cycling classes, and a completely new floor with greatly increased capacity for strength and cardio training.

In addition, there will be considerable changes to our wardrobes and changing facilities, one of which will be the addition of highly sought after saunas! There will also be designated rooms for meetings and lectures, as well as a planned area and wall for bouldering.

Are you still not a member of Kraft Sportscenter? Become a member today!